Herd Hub

Introducing Herd Hub, a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to community mobilization. Through a unique methodology, Herd Hub kickstarts the process of engaging your community and establishing a strong online footprint. In contrast to the conventional practice of spending thousands of resources on influencer marketing and promotional efforts, Herd Hub empowers the community to actively contribute to the promotional endeavors. Recognizing the pivotal role an active community plays in determining a project's success, Herd Hub offers two primary features aimed at achieving this goal: AI Bot: Herd Hub is an AI driven Telegram bot, mobilizing communities to become active members. With Herd Hub, you finally get the chance of being rewarded for your hard work. Get as much as you put in. Herd Hub scrapes Twitter to directly show you the tweets that are about your project to promote and interact with, as well as combat FUD by showing you the FUDDING posts for you to shut down. Stampede Service: Herd Hub also uses a unique mechanism to generate revenue and distribute it back to its holders. With our Stampede service, upcoming projects will be able to pay for the service and expand their reach and connect with more people. The Stampede will allow our community to promote their project while also targeting the type of users they are looking for.